Our team


Legal Editor

Nuby is essential to the team as she handles the majority of important legal documentation concerning the event. She is a keen freediver and describes the sense of calm and profound silence in the deep blue, unparalleled to anywhere else on earth as she gets to experience nature in it’s rawest form


Founder of Freedive Maldives

Fahud is one of the pioneers of freediving in the country and is the maestro of this event. He has been passionately sharing his knowledge with countless like-minded individuals and yearns for a day he gets to train local freedivers on international platforms. He hopes that this project will promulgate an admiration for our fellow superhumans and how they meld with the underwater world on a single neyvaa.


Social Media Designer

Azmeel is a passionate digital artist. With experience of creating social media content and logos to corporate branding, he aims to establish Neyvaa as an iconic brand. Based on the blue undertones and calming effect in his graphics, it is evident he has drawn inspiration from the ocean and freediving.


Training Coordinator

Thothy is an experienced freediver, a skilled spearo, an ambassador of Freedive Maldives and a true adrenaline junkie. His advanced skillset will be essential in training participants for the event. Thothy describes freediving as the safest extreme sport. He says that as you learn how to control mind over body, it is not as daunting and intimidating as it sounds, and everyone can incorporate the breathing techniques to the “dry” side of life.

Kuda Richard

Official Videographer,
Training Coordinator

Sharaf is a man of many talents. Apart from being a renowned photographer, videographer and content creator, he is also an experienced freediver. Through his captures, he aims to connect his audience with the ocean, by forging a visual bridge between someone who will probably never dive or seen the ocean, and the phenomenal underwater world.


Public Relations Manager

Nanni’s people skills are vital as she manages public relations. Nanni overcame her fear of deep water through freediving, which was an overwhelming personal accomplishment. According to her, the sense of calm envelopes you as soon as you plunge in, and nothing compares to that feeling of unrestrictive movement you experience in a gravity-free environment.


Event Manager

Fahir is a challenge seeker who is up for any sort of adventure. He is incredibly motivated by the stimulating and anxiety-producing situations involved in managing a project like a new world record. He has had freediving on his bucket list for quite a while and finally managed to tick it off last year. Fahir says nothing beats the sense of pride felt in yourself every time you hit a personal best.

Adam (Samba)

Senior Event Manager

As a representative of Freedive Maldives, Samba has been brainstorming ideas for the event since 2020, along with Rishy and Fahd. For Samba, the ocean is a mental safe haven where he can be himself and share his happiness with close ones. He is thus known as “dhonkeyolhu” for obvious reasons.


Event Consultant

Rishy has been actively involved in event planning, providing administrative and clerical support to the events team since 2020. Rishy believes that freediving in the ocean is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily city life. To him, freediving is the pinnacle of mindfulness because when you’re underwater holding your breath, there’s no noise to distract you.